Lessons Learned (Charcoal and Glitch continued)

Things got a little better after a few days. The kittens recognized my position as “food lady” and tolerated me just enough to maintain their meal schedule. I rebuilt the “cage” replacing each plastic clip with a pipe cleaner wrapped around the wire. This way I only had to rebuild it 3 or 4 times a day, rather than hourly. The kittens spent 70% of their time sleeping, 20% pooping, 5% crying and 5% eating. Their toy mice and cardboard scratcher were untouched.
I spend my free time sitting inside the cage with them, hoping they would decide to come check me out as I read or surfed the web. Charcoal approached first, keeping low to the ground. She stuck her nose forward and sniffed at my foot. I looked over at Glitch to see his reaction. He yawned. I wiggled my big toe ever so slightly and she jumped, but didn’t run away. Glitch’s ears perked up as he suddenly became interested in watching the encounter. Next thing I knew she was beside me tapping my leg with her paw. As soon as she got comfortable enough to sit on my lap, Glitch was right there beside her. These two never liked being apart.
My grown cats were not so ready to adjust to the new situation. The kittens were comfortable but now my cats were hissing and hiding. These new small “things” were sleeping on their beds, eating their food and playing with their toys!! When I tried to put the kittens back into the “cage” my cats would come over, pounce and knock the whole thing down. Kittens would go running, cats would jump onto the nearest shelf, hair standing on end. Pretty soon I had a multi-level cat network going on. The kittens had floor access, the cats stuck to shelves, tables and chairs. It stayed that way for nearly 3 weeks until Glitch got a hold of my tabby’s favorite mouse. These kittens needed to be taught a lesson. My cat faced off with the kitten hissing and swatting. The kitten thought this was the best game ever and jumped around taunting the cat. The cat hissed. The kitten hissed. The cat swatted. The kitten swatted. And so it went. No winner, no loser…no actual contact at all. Eventually the cat got tired and walked away. All was right with the world once more. I wont lie to you. I thought in the end letting go of these foster kittens would be rough. It wasn’t. After 3 months I was tired of cats fighting. Tired of extra litterboxes to clean and sick of the smell of canned catfood (mine eat dry.) But that was actually a good thing. If I hadn’t been a little overwhelmed with it all I might have convinced myself I should keep these 2. As it was I was glad to have them find new homes. As I like to say “Kittens have to be cute, because they’re kinda brats.”

AAAAH! Kittens!!!
That’s my Mr. Taskykins!